The Sunday Share: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

We are officially one week out from one of my favorite holidays – Valentine’s Day!  Yes, I know this day absolutely irritates the hell out of some people, but I love it and I love love. I also love hearts, red, pink, chocolate, and any reason to drink champagne. So, excuse me if I want to celebrate a day that celebrates all my favorite things and share these gift ideas with all of you too! However you spend Valentine’s Day this year, I’ve mapped out gift ideas that run the gambit from a cozy day in to planning a future vacay when we can travel again. Let me know how you like to mark this special occasion and maybe even your tips for loving yourself, your partner, or your community!


When Gifting is Their Love Language…

Me. I am that someone who gifting is their love language. I just love the thought of going big or thinking of the memories and experiences tied with a gift. For example, I can imagine gifting someone a Nespresso Vertuo + a cute little coffee mug (maybe even a set of two mugs!) means more than just a snazzy new coffee machine. It’s the idea of snuggling up on a Sunday morning, trying out new latte recipes, and chatting away. Similarly, I know my best friend loves having fresh flowers around the house. Sending a gorgeous arrangement from Venus et Fleur means she can have roses that last an entire year! Plus, if you love gifts that give back, those sassy socks by Parks Project also help protect and preserve our parklands across the United States.


When You Deserve a Little Something Just For You….

Whether a major splurge like a new handbag or small luxury like a gorgeous lip salve, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself! Pour a glass of wine, order your favorite take-out, or download that workout app you’ve always wanted. Taking care of yourself is the best love there is!


When You Want to Dress for the Occassion…

While most of this year I’ve definitely dressed for comfort (think lots of loungewear like this & this), I love the idea of dressing up for a delicious meal at home for the 14th. If you are enjoying outdoor dining, a velvet dress can give you all the warmth without sacrificing on the glam. Even though I’m usually a dainty jewelry kind-of person, I’ve fallen in love with statement heart earrings this season.


When You’d Rather Celebrate in Warmer Weather…

Maybe you are counting down the days for when you can travel again or you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, but every brand is launching swim and resort wear and it’s a great time to stock up on the things you’ll need come spring and summer! I have my eye on this precious high-waisted bikini and my tried-and-true self-tanner is the only thing getting me through this West Virginia winter.

When You’re Anti-Valentine’s Day…

Okay, okay, so maybe you’re not that into Valentine’s Day. That’s absolutely fine, because these are my picks for that feeling when love sucks or maybe you think the whole heart day thing is generally dumb. From this off-white top that says it all to something that you can enjoy sans partner, you can spend next Sunday like it was any other day – these things just keep it extra fun. Just add tequila and my favorite mixers!

I also have to have this candle, because no matter how much I personally love Valentine’s Day or my husband, my kitty loves will always be cooler than people.

However, you spend this holiday I hope you know you are loved and appreciated. Let me know if these Valentine’s gift ideas were helpful in the comments or as always, shoot me a DM or email! Also – if Galentine’s Day is more your thing (I adore it just as much as Valentine’s, if not more), see my post on a brunch for you and your friends here: Save the Date Designs for a Galentine’s Day Brunch.


Outfit Details: Sweater, Denim, Necklace, Loafers, Nail Polish (shade HZ), Nail Art, & Lipstick


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