The Sunday Share: Spring Forward


I don’t know how it has been where y’all live, but in Appalachia the weather has been the biggest tease. One day is mild and sunny – just enough warmth to give you hope that Spring is on the way and the next day is 22 degrees and snowing. This past week has been especially cold and I am over it. I need sun, birds chirping, and a temp that makes it okay to wear dresses again! Anyway, to help ease the ache for Spring, I’ve been shopping around and picking up a few things here and there in anticipation of the coming months and I thought you babes might want in on the action. What better way to wrap up the previous week than a post where I share the things I’ve been inspired by, binged on Netflix, added to my cart, or simply dreamt about in the previous seven days? Thus, The Sunday Share is here! Check back for a new post every Sunday night to enjoy while you prep for the week ahead, scare off the dreaded Sunday scaries, and ultimateley, give me the kick in the ass to post more regularly <3 It’s a win-win! Meanwhile, keep reading below for the first edition of The Sunday Share: Sping Forward.

For Your Home

Okay, so yes I am very excited for Spring, but that doesn’t mean I am oblivious to the fact we have many cold nights ahead of us still. To counter that, I love bringing in transitional pieces to our home like this cozy Barefoot Dreams blanket. It’s neutral enough to keep things light in your space, but the subtle print makes it more fun. However, this Barefoot Dreams option has been with us since we moved into our townhouse and is so warm, but without a pattern if that isn’t your thing.

Even if we are just curled up watching a series (If you follow me on IG, you know I’ve been really into Call The Midwife), I love to light a gorgeous candle to add something special to a regular night at home. I’m not sure why I haven’t tried this Lavender Diptyque candle before, but it’s absolutely amazing! It might just kick my holy grail Baises right out of of the top spot.

For Your Wardrobe

The phrase, “champagne taste on a beer budget” has been mentioned to me far too many times in my life, but I just lean into it now okay? I get that I love luxury things that may not always be in my reach at the moment, but I still love them and that’s okay too. I’ve just always appreciated quality over quanity and that is how I tend to shop. The best part of that is, sometimes you find well-made pieces for pennies – like these much talked about black sunglasses. I’ve seen them on one of my favorite podcasters, Be There in Five, and so many others who have put these sunnies on the top of their Amazon finds list. I just adore them and I cannot believe they were less than $20!

For those moments this Spring when you just want something to treat yo’ self on, there is this beauty of a bag by Saint Laurent. I love the creamy white shade and that you can wear it now and after Easter.

I’ve been coveting this Aerin Amber Musk fragrance for months, ever since I first saw it’s unique polished stone bottle topper. However, the scent is what made me the pull the trigger. Full disclosure though, it is categorized as a cozy, winter scent, but I love warm and sexy scents any time of year – especially on date nights. I fell even more in love with it this week when I tried layering it with a more floral spring scent like Nest Wisteria Blue.

Finally, I think the problem so many of us have this time of year is figuring out what the hell to wear right!? I’ve been struggling, especially for work. It’s grey and dismal outside and I would much rather be cozied up with my #1 kitten man, Louis, than going into the office. Pieces like this velour top from Rachel Parcell’s line, are borderline pajamas that you can get away with by itself or under a blazer. I prefer the baby pink shade and it’s on sale! Spoiler: I actually have a post coming out soon reviewing Parcell’s clothing line and I was incredibly impressed. Look for that coming soon!

For Your Beauty Cabinet

I go through spells where I really fall back into an obsession with makeup and skincare. I always love beauty, but every once in awhile it really hits me – this has been one of those weeks. I think it comes from wanting to buy lots of new Spring things, but we are not quite ready for floral dresses yet. However, you can absolutely buy all the tubes of this flower-wrapped lipstick by Gucci, even if snow is on the ground. The shades, feel, longeveity, everything to this lip line have impressed me so much. I received two shades of the Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Satin in ‘Blaze of Noon’ and ‘Penny Beige’ for Christmas and I’ve been in love ever since. Now that I’m in the mood for pinks and fun shades for spring, I’m keeping ‘The Painted Veil’ and ‘Wife vs. Secretary’ on my to-buy list.

The worst thing about this time of year is how cold weather can mess with your skin. Unfortunately, I inherited my dry skin from my momma. Luckily for us, I’ve aquired some skincare knowledge over the years to help us face these cold snaps with the right products. My mom came to me recently needing a new cleanser that wouldn’t make her already dry skin worse and I reccomended one of my favorites from Shiseido – the Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam. I normally am not a fan of a cleanser that suds up, but this one is unique in that you feel clean without stripping your much needed oils that keep you hydrated. For extra luxe hydration, I love to use the La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizer January through March. I buy the smaller size and use it about three times per week when I exfoliate, that way, I get the benefits without breaking the bank too much. In between, I supplement with either Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream or one of my favorite oils from my Morning Skincare Routine For Winter post.

For Your Mind & Body

Yes, I know I’ve complained about snow, cold, et cetera the majority of this post, but the reality is, warm weather and less clothing will be here before we know it – i.e. this woman has got to get herself to the gym she is paying a monthly membership to, but hasn’t gone since November. It’s fine, I’m fine. Regardless, I know cute gym shoes and clothing help motivate me and I love that these Adidas are a neutral, so I can wear them to run errands and not look like a traffic cone. Also, they have these Adidas that are similar pair in men’s that I know Josh would love.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to work my way through all the books I’ve been stacking up in the past few years, but not actually reading. With his recent annoucement that he was stepping down as CEO of Disney, I felt like now was the time to dig into Bob Iger’s The Ride of a LifetimeI’m excited to read it, not only because I am a huge Disney nerd, but also for the leadership wisdom others have said make this such a great read. I’ll keep you updated with how it goes!


That’s everything from this weeks The Sunday Share! Let me know what you’ve been coveting this week in the comments below!


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