5 Must-Haves for Beauty Sleep

Does sleep really have that much effect on how we look and feel? When I’ve suffered through a terrible night’s sleep, my dark circles and general grogginess would 100% argue that, yes, for your skin, mind, and body to be its best you need adequate sleep. However, even when I can actually dedicate a night to going to bed early and getting those coveted eight hours, I still toss and turn, let my mind run a mile a minute, and struggle to stay off my phone. A recipe for beauty sleep? I think not.

Over the past few months, I’ve been aiming to make restful sleep a priority by creating a relaxing environment, tackling runaway thoughts, and making sure my skin and hair is being treated well through the night.

I’ve come to realize that I am the type of person that gets distracted really easily, even when it’s something I love doing like sleeping. I know if the T.V. is on I’ll watch it and if my phone is inches from my head. I will reach for it to scroll through Instagram just one more time or double-check that e-mail I sent before leaving work. Like who worries about that?!

Anyway, I know all the screens before bedtime doesn’t mesh well with me, so I turn off The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (sooo good if you haven’t caught the new season yet), set my phone on the charger on the bedside table, then light a candle to kind-of start my going to sleep routine. I know it sounds a little odd, but I really, really love candles. Even Josh knows certain candles, like my favorite Diptyque candles, are not to be burned for hours on end while we are binge watching a docu-series. Oh no, these candles are for company and bad work days when you need to relax and enjoy the flicker and beautiful scent with a glass of great wine. I truly think enjoying a little luxury, even something as simple as a candle, helps you unwind and triggers the mind and body to start preparing for bed.

In addition to candles, other aromatherapy products like an essential oil diffuser or pillow sprays are wonderful ways to settle down for the night. I am partial to pillow sprays, especially this one by REN, because it is made with a unique combination of essential oils – frankincense, hops, and lavender. That mix singles it out from the vast majority of scents and sprays labeled as “calming,” i.e. it doesn’t smell fake, because it isn’t! Plus, it isn’t an uber feminine fragrance so Josh loves it too!  I mist it over my pillows and sheets before climbing into bed and it’s heaven. The perfect way to drift off into blissful, beauty sleep.

Next, I have to mention something that has been a complete game-changer in my sleep – the Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt mattress. As I’ve stated, I’m a big believer in quality sleep at night to be able to take on your day. Even on nights where I should have been getting a full 8 hours, I was waking up randomly through the night because Josh moved, I was hot or cold, or whatever else the reasoning was on any given night. So, I was still incredibly groggy in the morning and relying on 2-3 cups of coffee to feel human. Thankfully, we were introduced to the LuxeAdapt and I am actually staying asleep through the night and feeling energized after getting real, restful sleep. I have the soft feel v. the firm mattress and I’m so happy with that choice. It feels like a cloud to sleep on and uses new technology to shape and memorize your body shape. I feel like we have the luxury of a 5-star hotel bed in our little apartment.

If you are anything like me, sometimes no matter what you do before bed, you just can’t shut down all your thoughts from the day. I often feel anxious about goals and to-do lists or worrying about something that went wrong that day. It seems like something a lot of people struggle with, so we shouldn’t feel alone. To combat these thoughts and feel more at ease at bedtime, I’ve found The Five Minute Journal to be incredibly helpful. It literally only takes five minutes, but allows me to get my worries out of my head and in the journal – while also encouraging me to be more forgiving of myself and celebrate little moments. It’s how I begin and end each day – okay, okay sometimes I do forget or have a lot of wine, but I really do feel more at ease when I utilize this little journal.

I couldn’t talk about beauty sleep without at least mentioning one thing related to skin care. For me, I’m a side sleeper and didn’t realize how much pre-mature aging I could be causing by the way I sleep and what I sleep on. Thankfully, the Nurse Jaime Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow Came into my life and I’m hooked. If you aren’t already following the queen of all things beauty, beauty sleep included, Nurse Jaime on Instagram, you should because I love her advice and products. This is a new love for me, but I can tell a huge difference already. Per Jaime’s site, the Beauty Bear pillow is “an innovative anti-wrinkle pillow with a unique U-shaped design to cradle your face and neck with its silky, satin texture, supporting even the most delicate of skin types. The third major cause of premature aging is poor sleeping habits, including sleep position. This unique anti-aging pillow can improve the quality of your rest and help minimize sleep lines that can be etched into your skin from sleeping on your side. It helps you achieve healthier, more rested-looking skin overnight.” The thought of all of the products I’m lathering on at night being voided out by the way I smoosh my face into a regular pillow is a little scary. Now, my little side-sleeper self just uses the smaller U-shape side to drift off to sleep and I know my creams and retinols can do their work in peace. I’m working on training myself to be a back sleeper as well, but in the meantime, I know I’m covered thanks to Nurse Jaime.

Now, I’m ready to head to sleepy town as my little niece says. What tips do you have for getting your beauty sleep? Let me know in the comments!


The Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt mattress and the Nurse Jaime Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow were sent to me via the respective brands. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post was not sponsored by any of the brands discussed.

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